Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Rain and more rain

Yesterday (Tuesday) was gloriously beautiful: sunny, warm, high of 72F. We actually put the hanging screen door back on.

But all that changed today and rain moved in. Lots of rain.

Yesterday evening, while out walking Darcy, we noticed some fires burning as people took care of slash piles ahead of the weather. It was a good time to burn.

The sky remained mostly clear until early evening, when some clouds started moving in.

There even seemed like some cloud-to-cloud virga.

Late evening brought the sight of the slash fire glowing brightly.

The rain moved in overnight, and by this morning it was gray and wet. Rainfall has ranged from light to heavy, and it's nowhere near done.

But that's okay. Everything's getting a thorough watering. No complaints.


  1. I clicked on what you wrote about the screen door and it solved the mystery for me. The mystery being, why would anyone remove screen doors, as in put them up, then down and repeat over and over. I love screen doors year round. When cold I just cover them with plastic and get another layer of insulation from cold weather. Same with window screens. I'm pretty cheap. Probably need to splurge on polycarbonate for inserts and quit buying rolls of that plastic, even though they surely save several times their cost every year. Better yet would be to splurge on installing new stuff with retractable screens. If only.
    Don's screens look like they do a great job! And since the other man of the house, Mr. Darcy, approves, it's perfect!
    That was a really nice break of pretty weather . But there's plenty to do indoors while it rains, or, if it's warm enough, I like to rake and pull weeds so long as it isn't a downpour. Both of those activities seem to go easier during and after a rain. Plus, in the summer, it's a good way to cool off as long as there's no thunder or lightening. For now, it would be good to enjoy the last days of the wood stove.

  2. We've had some rain too, which is infinitely better than any more snow. I'm praying that the temps stay high enough to keep it rain and not snow. (MN)

  3. we got the overcast 'looks like it is going to rain any minute but doesn't' going on right now. Rain seems to have passed us by and gone east to you. Just the temps dropped so much it is making me not want to go outside to work in the garden. Lots to do but I do still have time before planting starts.

  4. Thanks for dropping the cloud knowledge about virga. Learn something new ever day.