Monday, February 26, 2024

Pastor's boy

Many of you have followed the saga of our pastor's love story. (For recaps, see here, here, here, and here.) Their son was born mid-January or so. Mrs. Pastor needed a C-section, but that was the only complication. The baby is healthy, the nursing is going great, and Mrs. Pastor has had absolutely no post-partum depression. The new parents are adjusting to their responsibilities beautifully. (And they chose a lovely and classic name for their son, too.)

Because of the C-section, Mrs. Pastor was advised against a lot of physical activities for a few weeks, including carrying the baby in his carrier. This limited her ability to attend church. But last week, she was able to attend for the first time. Pastor asked me to sit in back with her in case she needed any assistance, which I was glad to do.

Any excuse to see the baby!

Even though he was a big baby (hence the C-section), even at a bit over a month old, he's so tiny! I forgot how small newborns are.

This child is in good hands.


  1. My heart is happy for them!

    We are expecting our first grandbaby in April! I am eagerly awaiting the time I will get to spend with him. I was in survival mode and so tired when I had my four children. It will be such a blessing to be rested and able to focus on him. I can barely remember my children being so small...

  2. Mrs. Pastor chose wisely in who she asked to sit with her at church.

    Hmm? “Pastor’s Boy” sounds like a good theme for your next novel.

  3. What a great day! Babies are so very precious!

  4. Thank you for sharing this joyous news!

  5. I like the updates on Pastor and his family...great Pastor's boy is doing well. Blessings for the family.

  6. Your " Any excuse to see the baby!" comment is what I have coined a "grandma fix." Once your kids start to grow it is always amazing to see a newbie. One of God's miracles.