Friday, February 9, 2024

New release and new interview

My latest Amish inspirational romance, "The Amish Beekeeper's Dilemma," is available!

Here's the back cover blurb:

She loves her job…

How far will she go to keep it?

After her fiancĂ© abandons her, Rebecca Hilty finds herself beekeeping in Montana and dreaming of inheriting Caleb Graber’s farm. But Caleb’s great-nephew and heir, Jacob, wants the land all to himself. Forced to work together, Rebecca and Jacob are determined to prove their worth, until Caleb declares an inheritance requirement that shocks them both! Now Rebecca is faced with an impossible choice—marry Jacob or lose the farm for good…

For whatever reason, writing this book was like pulling teeth. Yet as with many "pulling teeth" projects, it actually turned out pretty well. (I hold up as proof a lovely email I received from a Canadian beekeeper who attested to the accuracy of my apiary references, and even gave recommendations on reducing the prevalence of tracheal mites.) One of the fun things about writing fiction is being able to live vicariously through my characters. We tried our hand at beekeeping – and failed – many years ago. But it taught me enough to let my characters succeed, LOL.

"The Amish Beekeeper's Dilemma" is technically not released until March, but obviously people are able to find it now.



On a slightly different note, I was interviewed by a delightful woman named Elise Cooper on two of my earlier books: "Their Road to Redemption" and "The Amish Midwife’s Bargain." The interview can be read here.

Happy reading!


  1. I enjoyed "The Amish Midwife's Bargain". I'll have to read the others. Thanks.

  2. After much research I do not treat or mites at all. Instead I rely on my feral bees, a screened bottom board and I do not provide preformed frames. I allow the bees to build out the frames themselves.