Saturday, January 20, 2024

Tankards coming out our ears

Older Daughter is working on a massive tankard order of 280 pieces. She's been working long, long hours (last night she was in the shop until 10:30 pm). She split the order into two parts, one larger and one smaller. This is the larger part of the order.

Today Don and I pitched in and helped coat the insides. It was reminiscent of the old days when all four of us would sit around the table applying food-safe epoxy resin to hundreds of mugs.

Older Daughter, as you may recall, took over the woodcraft business almost two years ago, and has built it up very nicely. As always just before shipping day, there are tankards everywhere. But that's okay. We've had this kind of chaos for over 30 years, and not many craft businesses have been around for that long. Business is brisk and wholesalers are clamoring for cups. Once she ships this batch out, then I'll clean house.

No complaints.


  1. Poor Darcy. That picture looks like he's doing the best he can to be patient with this process and wait his turn for real attention.
    If I have something that I' m paying attention to and have to leave for a few minutes, I return to cats laying all over it. Books, sewing, bill paying, my phone, the remote. Whatever. Years ago a kitty was in competition with a desk top computer and managed to render it useless after peeing all over it.

    I hope this weather gives us all a break pretty soon, and Darcy gets rewarded with lots of family group attention.
    Congrats on successful family business.

  2. Great news that the business remains so successful, especially given the overall economic climate of the past few years.