Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A little evening color

Our weather has been kinda "blah" lately. Fog, clouds, a bit dreary ... typical January stuff.

Here's a layer of snow over the leaf bin, which looked rather artistic in its composition.

A dove perched on a fence post, doubtless waiting for me to fill the feeder.

After a fresh snowfall, bird tracks were everywhere.

Along with a few doggy paw prints.

But yesterday evening a ray of sunshine pierced the gloom just before the sun went down. It lit up a snow-covered pile of dirt.

To our surprise, it also illuminated a full rainbow. The vast majority was almost too faint to see, but in one spot over a hillside, it was brilliant.

It was so unexpected that we spilled outside to stare at it.

After a few minutes, the rainbow faded...

...but the western sky lit up.

Nice to get a little evening color.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a winter rainbow. Like the song says, “Just like Jesus to roll the clouds away…”.

  2. Since looking for the " doubles", I almost always find one. If you look to the left of your first rainbow picture, there's a faint pink glow on the left side of the scrub pine. It's quite possible of you'd caught the photo a few minutes earlier you would have noticed it more. The big one was so glorious it hogs all the attention!
    What a wonderful lift from the cold, humdrum atmosphere!
    And may you be doubly blessed!

  3. sun dogs!!!!! they are caused by ice in the air.
    folk lore (so wrong as often as right) says that a ring around the sun(or moon) means precipitation within 48 hours. count the starn inside the ring around the moon and it will tell you how many hours until rain/snow.
    sun dogs, like this one are suppose to indicate a week of cold weather for each dog.
    but that's just old farmers/wifes weather wisdom.