Friday, January 12, 2024

Bitter cold

As with much of the rest of  the nation, we're in for some bitter, bitter cold.

We had a snow whomp on Thursday night, receiving about six inches in a couple hours.

This came on top of a very windy day. Unsurprisingly, we lost power last night as a result. It's times like this we are beyond grateful for our wood cookstove.

Oil lamps provided light.

This morning, Darcy came back from his walk with his feet covered in "jingle balls," as we call them.

He spent 20 minutes chewing them off.

Because her side of the house doesn't get heat from the wood cookstove, Older Daughter opened the (normally closed) connecting door to warm the place up. Of course this meant Frumpkin had the run of the full house. And where did he park himself? Under the parrot's cage, of course.

Darcy was a good boy during Frumpkin's liberty and behaved himself.

And Frumpkin was a good boy as well, and didn't attack the parrot in her cage ... though it looked like he wanted to.

Instead, the cat had to content himself with staring at the birds outside on the feeder. Cat TV!

The power came back on after about 18 hours, thanks to those thankless heroes, the hardworking linemen of the power company.

The wood cookstove isn't going out at all for the next few days as temps dip so low. But our weather isn't anything compared to what they're getting back east ("Hurricane-Force Blizzard Could Hit Northeast Next Week, Weather Forecaster Warns").

Stay warm and safe out there, dear readers!


  1. I knew we were supposed to get low temps next Tuesday night with a possible hard freeze, meaning temps below 32 for a whole 24 hours. Ok, NBD.
    Then I saw a video by one of those gardening people over in SC which was giving a heads up that the SE was in for a much harder time than forcasters were letting on. He went into specific details as though people watching had brains enough to understand what he was saying.
    He was right. Now forecasters are talking closer to the mark, his mark, of what's coming.
    This guy's point, since he's an excellent amateur gardener, is to takecare of your precious garden and fruit trees especially. After losing all blueberry output last year from that horrendous freeze, I really appreciate his heads up!
    And why is is an amateur doing a better job of intelligent weather forcasting than the paid coffee drinking crews on the news? I gotta say, some of those you tubers making money from subscribers deserve pay. I'm covering up my blueberries well.
    And now the praise report.
    We've had a lot of wind down here lately. Yesterday I heard a crash from clearly a tree that snapped and fell on the roof, and bounced off in the opposite direction. It shook the house pretty well.
    From just eyeballing things there's no damage. The window it could have busted as it scraped across is fine. The metal roof looks fine. Will look at it better once it's cleaned up and removed, but this goes in the answered prayer journal. A blessing of protection.
    Hope eveyone stays warm and safe next week.

  2. They missed the mark in my neck of the woods last night. First, they said, -20F, then -20's F, and we hit -30F this morning, with lots of wind. Ugh! Natokadn

    1. I don't know how anyone deals with that.

  3. It is finally breaking here in the south. Now, from unseasonably cold down here, it's about to be unseasonably warm. In one way, good. If it doesn't rain in torrents a lot more outside work can get done. But from the cold to warm means some fruit trees may bud out too soon, and freeze if it snaps back really cold. Praying that doesn't happen.
    Darcy's feet remind me of a lab I had long ago. She took herself off on a 3 day hunting trip in the dead of winter one time. She could dig under or climb over fences and snap a steel cable rated for 250 pounds pretty as you please. Anyway, she returned from that trip joyously covered in icicles from swimming in the creek and was never allowed out again except on a leash ! Dogs are so special.