Saturday, February 4, 2023

Drama on the African plains

Drama on the African plains. A baby elephant was stuck in the mud. This is a crazy video.

 Your heart will pound!


Fortunately it has a happy ending.


  1. Yes, thank you for posting this. I don’t know who the Dodo You Tube channel is but like this elephant one they seem to specialize in heartwarming animal videos. Good news is always welcome.

  2. Now if only there was someone who would save our country...

    1. Not just our country but the whole world.
      I googled cern not long ago wondering if that might have something to do with all the weather extremes. That place has much greater magnetic energy than earth, which made me wonder if maybe it's competing with a pole or something. But I was wrong. It's all self contained .
      Although, Stephen Hawking apparently told them to leave it alone. That it had the power to destroy the universe.
      Which brought to mind the scripture where the Lord said "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Word will never pass away."
      I've always ignorantly assumed God, being in control...right?..would be who brought about the end of the world. Now Mr. Hawking has introduced another possibility to my thoughts.
      There is no point in worrying about all this although each new day seems to have new and unusual challenges.
      There IS a Savior, Jesus. And those of us who know Him need to be getting on with His work. We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds tomorrow.

  3. touching, especially seeing the little guy waving his legs in the air in desperation.