Monday, February 20, 2023

Could you do this at three years old?

Y'know, some of us don't discover our passions or natural gifts until relatively late in life. We've all heard stories of the grandfather who never knew he was a sculptor until he took a class, them wham!

Others, however, discover their talents at a very young age. Consider the following video in which the child is three years old. Let me repeat that: Three years old.

Watch and smile:



  1. That little boy was amazing...thanks for sharing this.
    Made my day !

  2. HA, That's nothing at the age of 2 i was banging my
    head on the floor.

  3. I feel so inferior now!😂.

  4. Did you notice he could even pick his nose and not miss a beat.

  5. Thank you for sharing....I will be looking for him in the future so amazing.