Thursday, February 16, 2023

Book stuff

A few loose odds and ends on the writing front. First of all, my latest Amish inspirational, The Mysterious Amish Nanny, reached #5 on the Publisher's Weekly best-seller list! In fact, the book spent two weeks on the best-seller list.

Surprisingly, these results were picked up by a couple of news outlets

ABC News

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

This is largely due to you, dear readers. Thank you!

Then I was asked to be a contributor to a blog post on the Harlequin website called "Are You An Aspiring Writer? Three Harlequin Authors Share Their Research Tips!"

(I had a very narrow word-count limitation, so it was a challenge to write anything coherent.)

Finally, I was interviewed by a very nice journalist named Elise Cooper on the book. A write-up can be found at a website called Avonna Loves Genres.

Thank you all for your support!


  1. I just finished your latest book this week. Love your writing. SJ now in California

  2. I have really liked your stories. I especially liked the vet one.

  3. That's fantastic. Congratulations.