Tuesday, November 29, 2022

NaNoWriMo is done!

Yesterday, taking advantage of the time between snowstorms, Older Daughter and I went to town for a rare treat: to visit a coffee shop. It was already charmingly dolled up for the holidays.

Older Daughter had discovered this cozy spot shortly after moving in with us. I'd dipped my head inside it once or twice, but never took the opportunity to settle in with a hot drink. Yesterday, that's what we did.

The occasion (for me, at least) was to finish out my NaNoWroMo project, the next in my inspirational romance series. The working title is "Miriam's Story." What better place to celebrate the conclusion of the project than in a cozy coffee shop with a cup of hot chai tea?

In fact, I didn't quiiiite get the story finished yesterday. It still needed an epilogue, and I wrote that this morning. But that did it. The project is done – and a day early, no less.

I received the usual festive congratulations from the NaNoWriMo websites.


This first draft is a fairly clean. I'm rereading it now and doing some small revisions, but I'm hoping to be able to send it in to my editor tomorrow or Thursday.

This was, as always, a time-sucking project, so I'm glad to have it finished. Now it's on to plot the next book!


  1. Congratulations! I'm always so exited for you when you finish a novel!

    1. ROFL, typing too quickly (again). EXCITED, not exited!