Monday, November 7, 2022

More on our nuclear strawberries

I went out this morning and did something I never, ever expected to do almost midway through November: I picked strawberries. In North Idaho. In the snow.

These are the "Fort Laramie" strawberries we purchased last April from Gurney's. I referred to these plants earlier as "nuclear strawberries," and boy I sure haven't changed my mind. This late in the season, their leaves are even still green.

A surprising number of berries were ripe.

Though, admittedly, the odd leaf or two was finally turning color.

After the morning's snow had melted off a bit, I went out to pick what berries I could. We're expecting temps in the mid-teens this week, and anything left behind will be frozen solid.

The plants are still producing flowers and green berries.

Lots of other berries are full size and in the process of ripening.

I saw a few more leaves turning color, but not many.

None of the berries I picked were fully ripe, but close enough. After all, it is November.

I even left a few behind to (ha!) ripen in the future.

I took the bowl of strawberries inside, sliced them, and added a touch of sugar.

And you know what? They were absolutely flippin' delicious.

Strawberries. In the snow. In mid-November. In North Idaho. Who'da thunk?


  1. Oh man you made me Hungry. They are indeed nuclear!

  2. I wonder if you made them little houses with the white fabric for covering plants, would they continue to survive and have ripe fruit?

  3. Yall are going to have to do with green strawberries what we do with green tomatoes here down south. Come up with recipes. Maybe green strawberry salsa! I'm only half joking. Whether it's watermelon rind, green tomatoes, or green strawberries, if it's edible but not something folks want to eat, figure out a way to adhere to the golden rule of having plenty to eat. Waste not want not. Older daughter might dream up something. Or, the chickens if that's an OK food for them. ( the ones you're probably getting this year!)

    I wonder how those strawberries would do in the deep south. They might make all winter. Then again, with all my extra pests they might get chewed to the nub pdq. I hope to successfully garden in heaven with plants that talk back!

  4. It looks like you've found the ultimate in convenience -- pre-frozen strawberries! :-)

  5. OK, this is seriously amazing! Your plants look better than mine do, and I'm in Zone 9 for crying out loud. I know what variety I will be adding to my garden next year!


  6. Sometimes (its seems to be rarer now-a-days) come across a post that just makes me smile...this was one of them. Thank you for that.

  7. That is amazing! I am sure you enjoyed those berries more than at any other time.