Friday, November 4, 2022

From fall to winter in 3.5 seconds

After a beautiful fall with colorful trees and decent weather, there's been a huge celestial 180 and we've hit winter. You remember those car commercials that boast a vehicle can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds or whatever? Well, we've gone from fall to winter in 3.5 days.

In fact, the trees haven't even gotten the memo. They all still have their leaves on. This is our front-yard maple:

The backyard oaks looked very pretty, if a little surprised.

The deer seem a little shell-shocked too.

Temps are set to plummet in the next few days. Right now it's 33F and a miserably cold rain is falling. The woodstove feels awfully good. I guess winter is here.


  1. Out here in the Wild West, we were using the A/C two weeks ago. Now the heater's coming on! The local mountains got the same dusting you folks did.

  2. It seems that the NW is getting instant winter this Fall, Here, in the wetter part of the PNW, we have gone from beautiful, sunny rain-free days in the low to mid 70s to instant cold, wet, rainy, miserable for the past week with temps in the low 40s to low 50s, and now, some really nasty stuff has blown in and it is huge down pours, flooding, along with more cold and the added fun of high winds. Power went out twice today. My d-i-l from suthun Idaho says to expect MORE of what you have written about, interspersed with sunny and warm days. Never a dull moment in the PNW!


  3. First off, I look at all those leaves still on the trees and the snow and hear you say it's raining, and my first thought is ugh! What a job that's going to be to get cleaned up! If weather cooperates, even though it's country, I attempt to get as many leaves up and into compost or pine straw bagged before this happens. It just is such a daunting chore at my age if it doesn't get accomplished first. Sludgy wet mess everywhere otherwise.
    If it weren't for a sick chicken right now it's what I'd be working on. My straw is still separated but leaves are starting to fall messing it up and pouring rain will come soon enough.
    I don't think the chicken can make it, but she has me digging grubs and flaking tuna into small amounts of water to get her beak wet. Some success, but not nearly enough. The very hot weather this summer got my girls dehydrated in spite of pans of water everywhere. Lacy's comb never came back up and she's been lethargic ever since. I think she's egg bound. But she still has some small interest in life so we're going on that. Epsom salts hasn't worked either so this just has to play out.
    Life does have it's seasons.
    Here's to a warm, happy winter, lots of pretty days , and every possible comfort of a loving, secure, home!
    Love those pictures as always!

  4. I recently found your blog and am enjoying it very much! We live in New Hampshire and are having an unbelievable long warm spell. Go figure!

  5. I should introduce myself. Sorry. I write a blog about living off the grid, retirement (ha,ha) and small town living in central New Hampshire. We refer to ourselves as the Clampetts. Hence, the blog name, I am having fun reading your blogs.

  6. The trees have not turned here in central Alabama and we are still using the ac. So, no snow or beautiful leaves or deer.

  7. I have one that's only 400 watts that's worked about 10 years now. It has kept me sane during power outages. It has charged everything that has a battery including a cordless vac, outside tools which helps after storms and power is still out, communication devices, and yes, lights.
    Its weakness is that the solar panel takes forever to recharge it even with full sun, but I tested this while I had power just to be in the know. It came with a car charger too though, which worked about the same as a power outlet.
    I want another now with higher capacity to keep fridge and freezer recharging a couple hours each every day. It also would need a car charger, not just a solar panel, to keep it going. I consider this one of my best purchases.

  8. Here in Northern Virginia my primroses are blooming. Temps have been in the upper 70's for over a week now. I know it will change, but it has been nice.