Friday, October 7, 2022

Wild couple of weeks

We're all starting to come up for air after an intense couple of weeks of work. We've had a crazy schedule. Older Daughter works four days a week at her outside job, then has been coming home in the evening and heading straight for the shop, where she's working on a large (and fast) production run of tankards for a customer in Ohio.

Don has been working on Older Daughter's porch as well as helping Older Daughter with the tankard production run.

I'm on Day Eight out of Ten for a run on my job with no days off, in addition to a crazy writing schedule.

This will all comes to an end on Monday when the tankards get shipped off and my work run is over. We all plan to take some time off and relax!

Anyway, sorry for the blog silence.


  1. Hey, Patrice! I couldn't find your e-mail on any site, so I hope you don't mind me commenting here as a way to reach out. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your articles. I write for BWH and Self-Reliance as well, and recently started writing for Countryside and there you were again! Your most recent article there (about the Death of Knowledge) is something I've tried to express and talk about for years; to sound the alarm bell on....but often, no one seems to care. I often feel like a sort of post-apocalyptic knowledge scavenger, gleaning bits of self-sufficiency knoweldge left behind in the dust of so-called "progress." I had no grandparents or parents to pass knowledge to me (they were too busy bolstering someone else's bottom line and living city lives), so it's been a very solitary journey to pursue self-reliance on my Ozark land. Not many online writers offer much solidarity or succor, as they don't always seem to be living the lives they pretend to write about. Anyway, I know the praise of a stranger is not something that anyone following the Most High should pursue anyway, so I'll end this soon. I guess I just wanted to let you know that when I read your articles, I feel like someone else is out there, actually holding on to the almost forgotten skills and trying to actually live. I look forward to them.

  2. We all need to come up for air sometime! Right now, things are super-crazy (& add to it the kids and I cannot stop passing some cold around) and maybe, just maybe, things will settle a bit - in December. Or January.

    I'm glad you are getting things done, and I'm glad your time to slow down a little is soon!

    -Katja (formerly of Sandpoint)