Monday, October 10, 2022

Coming up for air

Phew, the massive rush of work is nearing completion, and I'm starting to come up for air.

Everything got neglected during this rush of work, including household chores, church, and emails. The only thing we didn't neglect was washing dishes and walking the dog.

We're still in the middle of some chaos. The tankard order won't get shipped until Wednesday, and since the staging area is our kitchen and library, the chaos remains.

And Don just today got in the extra parts he learned he needed to install the hot water heater (we haven't had hot water in the house since Sept. 3), so that mess is still strewn about.

But at least now we're a little more free to work on projects we want to complete before winter, including splitting wood, finishing Older Daughter's porch, and otherwise buttoning up for winter.

Whew. What a month.


  1. The tankards are beautiful!!

  2. Seconding Anonymous here... Still kicking myself for not getting one when you had the "Rural Revolution" ones!

  3. Beautiful work that Don and Daughter are doing! I can only pray that really cold weather holds off until he has time to work on the hot water heater! (We're keeping a 40-year-old hot water heater going just because we can.)