Friday, September 9, 2022

The sentinel

Early one morning I glanced out the window and noticed one of our trees had acquired a new shape.

Here's a close-up.

I'm fond of owls, having spent many years surveying various species during my days as a field biologist. However we seem to have far fewer great-horned owls here than at our last home, which is why I was pleased to see this sentinel on the property.

Of course, I may feel differently when we get chickens again ... though rest assured, their nights will be spent locked inside a coop for just such a reason.

I spent a few minutes admiring the visitor before it flew off. The sun was close to rising, and doubtless it was heading out for a day of rest. Au revoir.


  1. I rarely even hear owls around anymore. Until just a year or so ago they used to be a nightly occurrence

  2. We have a huge owl population here in nw Tennessee

    I love listening to their early morning calls

  3. We have a good population of Barred Owls here in NW Georgia. I love their "who cooks for you?" call and am amazed when occasionally seeing one fly silently through the woods.

  4. Oh wow, he looks big! A beautiful creature!

  5. He might like chicken tenders for lunch of an early dinner before the tenders go to bed. Or, do owls never come out in the day. In the middle of a city I lost two hens to hawks and the kid across the street lost three cats. So, those poor chickens will be game day or night. I was prepared for the raccoons at night. And, the hens were locked up!

  6. Our local great horned owl pair seem to know when we go camping. We come home to a few chickens beheaded and slaughtered.