Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Prayers for Florida

I've been reading the alarming predictions about the strength and potential consequences of Hurricane Ian as it approaches landfall in Florida.

Please pray for those in its path.

Meanwhile if you're in the affected areas, please check in with updates (if possible) for those of us who are concerned.


  1. On Mon this storm's eye was supposed to be within 40 miles of my house. Now I am not even in the cone anymore. Forecasters not even calling for Tropical Storm rains or winds at my place. So just staying home and watching the storm play out. You gotta Love forecasters, the only job where you can be wrong 365 days a year and either a) get a bonus or b) still make a 6 figure income.

  2. Daytona Beach here. Storm is getting closer and intensifying - wind gusts at 81 with 67 measured at the airport. 12-24 inches of rain forecasted and its been raining all day. Ponding in the culvert of our yard and the worst part of the storm is due to arrive at 2 a.m. We've been through lots of hurricanes and just hope this one doesn't take out another tree or trees and leaves quickly!

  3. More than 36 hours of rains and still raining. Only 5-6" here so far. Winds probably <50mph here. Lots of little tree debris down but I'm fortunate.
    I have friends that are flooding.

  4. Northeast Florida here. Coastal flooding in St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach to the point where flooding was coming into houses. Some trees downed on houses. Nothing like down south. Central Florida away from the direct path of the hurricane has some significant flooding related to rainfall. Even though they aren't getting news coverage, National Guard and other help was sent.