Sunday, September 11, 2022

Lest we forget

Never forget.


  1. Because I live on the western section of the US, I was still in bed when my husband came home (from work) yelling for me to turn on the TV. It seemed so surreal, the time was around 06:00 so I then leaped out of bed to call my friend in NY, she said she could see the smoke from her apartment and stated that she was safe. Then I called my friend (also living on the West side) to tell her about the events and that her mom was OK. (note, she sleeps in late due to being a night owl). She tried to call her mom by that time all phone communications were cut off. I was so glad I made that call early enough to find out about her safety. I guess everyone alive in the US during the attack will always remember that moment and what they were doing.
    God bless all those that perished.

  2. Your Memorial post is a good reminder...
    Thank You.