Monday, September 12, 2022

Population density

I'm fascinated by population density maps. Here are a few interesting ones I've come across:

Population density of Africa:

Population density of Australia:

This is something called the Yuxi Circle, the world’s most populated area:

Here's a photo taken by NASA of the Iberian Peninsula at night.

Here's what the population of New York City would look like if it were spread out according to current population density in the red areas.

Here's a similar depiction of Los Angeles County's population:

And Chicago's:

Here's Australia's population, split in half.

Here's another view of Australia's population.

How about states with a smaller population than Los Angeles County:

Apparently 50% of Canada's population lives south of the red line:

Look at all the empty places in New Zealand:

How about this? (The red nation is Bangladesh.)

Or this:

This link gives world population densities.

And this fascinating website allows you to drag-and-drop to compare the true size of one country against another.

So there you go. Just some food for thought for the week ahead.


  1. Those maps are truly inspiring! I just love weird information like that. I was especially interested in the new Zealand maps. Lots of empty there. The new York as red states density was stunning also. I can remember flying over new York and wondering why anyone in their right mind would live there!

  2. Notice that the leftists live in densely populated places and advocate for highly regulated lives, including population control. If they would just drive slowly across the nation (USA) they would see that there is plenty of room for everyone!

    1. Sadly, that seems to be because the closer people are packed together, the higher the degree of regulation required to prevent us from killing one another.

      It would seem that the solution to overbearing central control is to exercise sensible self-control (and possibly to deal harshly with those who choose to rip and tear at the fabric of society for personal gain anyway).

      Put another way— WE NEED TO BE MORE LIKE CHRIST.

  3. Hey Patrice. Been reading your articles on WND for a while. Just realized you are in North Idaho. My wife and I moved our kids here from South Carolina 7 years ago. Cool to know you are close. Found your blog and shared with my wife.

    1. Welcome! I think you'll find North Idaho is a wonderful place to be.

      - Patrice

  4. Just finished your article from WND. You are spot on as usual. Love your way of thinking and your commentaries. I myself tell those that ask, that my political party is the party of (CCL) "Christian, Constitutionalist, Libertarian" in that order. If it falls outside of those beliefs which supports my morale's, I won't support it. Have a blessed day and thank you for your wonderful words.