Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Watch those ears

Don stepped outside the other day, then immediately came back in and suggested I get my camera. I had no idea what he saw; but I never turn down a recommendation like that.

I, too, stepped outside and saw ... nothing.

But a closer look revealed a secret...

...right by the fence.


A moment later the doe got to her feet and trotted away, without much alarm.

There were actually two other deer, but I couldn't fit them all in the picture.

They all moseyed away, munching their way down the field. I love country living.


  1. Here in Lower Alabama, seeing deer in my back yard (which borders on an undeveloped area) is a mixed blessing) They are lovely to look at. I have had a 10 point buck in my backyard and also across the road in my neighbors front yard. The does sometimes park their fauns in the back of the yard for the day. I very carefully don't look directly at them. Butttt......It is very difficult to keep them out of my garden at times and they can ruin a good harvest overnight.

  2. https://summit.news/2022/06/07/pride-in-the-park-event-targeted-at-children-features-drag-queens-and-satanists/

  3. I can see 8 ft fences in your gardens future.

  4. Saw my first baby Antelope of the year on my way home from work last night! They are cute.