Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Watch for falling rock

Unsurprisingly, we've been having a large number of mini rockslides this spring. We rounded a corner last week and were stopped by some road volunteers, who informed us a slide had just happened, and to be careful around the curve.

We crept past the debris and continued on our way. When we got to our destination, we saw a stout pickup hauling a flatbed trailer. On the trailer was a large trackhoe with a grappler, on its way to clear the road.

No need to bother state road officials. The locals can handle things just fine, thanks.


  1. What a wonderful community. Glad you're all safe!

  2. That's how Dad raised us kids. "Don't wait for someone to do what you can do yourself."

  3. Here too! Bobcats, tractors, trucks with blades, and my husband a couple of times over the years backed the big tractor with the snow blower on it the 5 miles to the highway - and immediately had a several 4 x 4 pickups barrel out of their driveways and follow him...

  4. The thing is, when something happens in very rural areas, help "ain't" coming very soon. People can be hurt if locals don't fix it quickly. That slide could have caused an accident and someone could have been hurt before official " help" arrived.
    Around here most men don't just carry shotguns in their trucks but chainsaws as well. Some of our biggest problems involve storms with high winds and rain, and quite a few tornadoes .
    These storms tend to happen in the evening. People get up to go to work in the morning and trees are down in the road.
    I can't begin to count the times I'd be headed for work and was able to get through because of one neighbor or another had already cleared a pass through, or removed debris entirely.
    If they were in a hurry to get to work themselves, it was just a pass through.
    And it's never with fanfare.
    It's real men stepping up as manly men, doing what's needed, then on they go without saying a word.