Thursday, June 9, 2022

Rain rain and more rain

While so much of the west is suffering from extreme drought, we've had nothing but rain this spring. It shows no signs of slowing down. Here's our weather report for the next few days:

If the predicted amounts are accurate, we can anticipate another 2.44 inches of rain over the weekend, on top of everything else we've gotten.

The soil is saturated. Outdoor work is hard to get done. Rivers are raging.

There's even a flood watch for the weekend.

Knowing how much California and other western states are suffering, it almost makes me feel guilty to have this much rainfall.

How's your spring going?


  1. Just viewed an article in one of my farming mags comparing this year to last, in certain areas, your's and mine of the PNW, precipitation is forecast at 200% of normal, chillier all year. In the Cascades, last report is the snowpack is "Still" at 100% of normal. I'll take it as last year was a total bust for crops. This year it ma be the same, but for reasons related to the cost to harvest and transport the same crop. But, the Sun still rises in the East, and if nothing else, there is still hope.

  2. I'm in SoCal. It is dry and we are on water rationing.

  3. Oof, our county has just been declared a natural disaster with assistance available for farmers here due to drought. We're outside of Houston.

  4. ok. you can stop now. Its 106 in texas with no rain in sight. enjoy yours while you can

  5. I’m in southern Oregon, Douglas County, and it’s been such a wet spring that my tomatoes rotted in the ground and the leaves on the summer squash are yellow and puny. Only the early crop of peas and lettuce have really done well. I replanted the tomatoes and now have many aphids and hardly a ladybug in sight! Such a strange year and my neighbors are in similar straights. With groceries so high and supply chain issues popping up, I was hoping for a bountiful backyard garden. Praying for a warm summer and late harvest…….

  6. I live down in Tensed and yes, this spring in north Idaho is extremely wet. We are trying to start the build on our home, but it has been slow with how much water is everywhere. I actually just saw a stat from the USDA saying that north Idaho has 150% of normal water for the year. On the plus side, the water management experts in Boise are saying that almost all of the reservoirs in Idaho will be topped off in the next couple of weeks.

  7. There's a good reason why Astronomy isn't very popular in WashedATon State: nobody has ever seen the sun. We are coming up on 35 inches of rain since January, and it appears from the weather prognosticators that rain will continue for the next several days. The weeds and grass are out of control and it is difficult to cut when everything is soaking wet and pouring down rain. Makes it VERY difficult for the polinators to do their job. Everybody is about a month and a half BEHIND in yard maintenance and groundskeeping.


  8. It's been a nice spring of normal rainfall and temps here in the South, but summer is coming up and that's always a wildcard.

  9. I live south of Houston. Normally we have afternoon popup showers. I think we have had 2 so far. I am having to water my yard which I usually don't have to do until August. And it is usually windy...reminds me of the drought of 2011. At least the watermelons are incredibly delicious this year since it is drier than normal for us (I am trying to find a silver lining...).

  10. What a blessing. Stay safe. I'm in southern Ca and we are as you said in a severe drought. There are regulations in place now limiting activities such as watering lawns and washing cars. One can even be fined for wasteful acts such as hosing off a driveway.


  11. here in western virginia we have had well timed, adequate rains. ponds and streams, wells and springs are in good shape. everything in the garden is up and doing well, except the okra and it got planted late.
    praying for the rest of you to get the weather you need, what ever it is.

  12. In SW Idaho have been trying to time cutting our new pasture of orchard grass. Hasn't been a break in the weather long enough to cut, rake, bale. The grass is armpit high.

  13. Wow! We've had enough rain that I've only watered the garden once so far this year, but not so much that everything is saturated - it actually has been drying out in between thunderstorms. I wish we could send some where it is needed more. I'll be spending today (after church) using the from end loader to haul dirt to fill tires in the new expansion of the garden... the same garden I swore wasn't going to be expanded again... yes. Inflation of grocery prices and the gas have convinced me that it is worth it... and my youngest daughter has decided to take a gap year, so I'll have help here for one more year.

  14. We are in Central Texas - we are way behind on rain. It's the first year some weeds never came up, now that is dry. We are haying cattle because the grass is scanty and short. The heat and nonstop winds are a brutal force for the garden to contend with, not to mention the overabundance of grasshoppers (a bad year for them), but quitting is not an option! Like someone said, the sun still rises in the East. And the birds are still singing. The natural world still does it's natural thing - and brings hope .

  15. First it was way too many storms and too much water. Unprecedented flooding. Insects galore. Now, there are still storms passing to the north and south, and bone dry here. Record heat. And humidity from somewhere. I'm not concerned with gardening because I'm not doing it . Not until late summer or fall. Trying to keep animals alive is enough. Gotta get some misters for the chickens and set up an outdoor "camp" for power outages when it's too hot to be inside.

    1. Somebody must be praying. First there were little tendrils of fresh air. And clouds where a storm was supposedly going on 20 miles away. Then real breezes creating pockets of cooler air . Now it's much cooler and rain is slowly dripping off the roof so it's cooling off too. The ground is still dry but the cool down is a massive relief.
      I do pray for y'all and thank you for your prayers too. I think if we grow stronger in supporting each other in prayer we'll all be stronger and better off for it.
      Just a mini sermon now. All this weather mess is not necessarily from God. If you remember Job, God allowed His enemy to test Job. Job was restored when he prayed for his friends. I do think these weather woes everywhere are a huge call to prayer.
      God promised to never again destroy the earth by flood, yet horrendous floods are happening all the time that destroy homes, lives, livelihoods, and communities. People must sometimes wonder where is God? I think He's looking for His intercessors to partner with Him more and more as His return grows imminent.
      It's a blessing to have this place of participation even in the Alabama boonies.