Saturday, April 16, 2022

Good Friday snow

We woke up the morning of Good Friday to 24F temps and about an inch of snow. But we had early-morning sunshine, which lit everything up like diamonds.

Honestly, the photos don't do justice to how pretty it was.

I heard parts of eastern Montana and the Upper Midwest got whomped with something like four feet of snow, so our modest inch is nothing by comparison.

But it was too pretty not to document.

A neighbor's horses picked their way through the white stuff.

Evening grosbeaks on snowy branches.

Poofy clouds over a hilltop.

It was all gone by afternoon.

Just a small early-spring reminder that we're not in control of the weather.


  1. We got about a foot of the white stuff here in N Idaho, we live in the mountains. Boy did God phych us out with this weather, I was all ready to do planting, good thing I didn't.

    1. Being not too far from you, I tried to tell upstairs neighbor lady not to plant yet. But did she listen> Nooooo, she knew better.

  2. We ended up with 36 inches in northwestern ND after a 3 day blizzard.

  3. What absolutely gorgeous pictures! I live in the South and believe it or not, we got a good (and totally unexpected) snow last month. We usually never get anything past February of we get any at all. Nothing but rain here now.

  4. I keep telling people that "good morning" is a contradiction in terms. Those two words should never be spoken in the same sentence, ever. Mornings are evil.

    But these is, however, another two word combination that is even worse: the word "good" and that cursed "s" word. Those two words should never be spoken in the same day.

    1. Well, here I am another one of the "a" people. Anonymous. I Love mornings!
      Here in the deep South, during the summer with our humidity getting out for a walk very early before the bugs are out in force and it's actually cool is the best time for a walk.
      I'm usually up by 3am and easing into the day with small chores and coffee, and maybe a good hot soaking to loosen the joints up. I love it especially because most people don't so it's a good time to spend with the Lord. Also for shopping!
      Now for the "s" word I border on agreement because it's cold AND wet !
      However, as pretty as these pictures are of the snow, they are not only beautiful, but you aren't locked inside while pounding rain, howling winds, tornado watches and warnings abound ( with actual ones thrown in for good measure to keep you praying ), and getting to a vehicle means slogging through several inches deep of water ! It means no walking which you realize your body really needs most when you can't.
      So those beautiful pictures of "s" are so welcome to me this weekend, and I'm jealous of the walk.