Friday, April 15, 2022

Hit Publisher's Weekly bestseller list!

I just got notification my latest Amish inspirational, The Amish Animal Doctor, hit Publisher's Weekly bestseller list!

Ha ha – it looks like I'm just a wee bit below Nora Roberts.

At any rate, many thanks to you, dear readers, for boosting my numbers.

(Update: Nuts. For one glorious instant, I was able to respond to a reader comment, and then the infamous Google glitch swooped back in and I can't reply. Grrr. At any rate, many thanks to everyone.)



  1. It was a sweet, refreshing story...easy to read.

  2. You keep writing sweet stories that are easy to read and I will keep buying them.

  3. Absolutely congratulations. I hope this is only the first of many!

  4. I've recently purchased all of your Amish books. Can't wait to start reading them. Jenny

  5. Love your books.....I need more. Thanks for writing.
    Jo in Wa.