Friday, February 5, 2021

Frumpkin gets fixed

Older Daughter's cat, Frumpkin, just got fixed, which means he gets to wear the "cone of shame" for a week (which, being a cat, he hates).

She said, "I'm not being a very supportive pet owner right now I keep cracking up every time I hear the 'bonk!' of him running into something."

But she did send this picture which she called the Photo of the Year. Very artistic.


  1. Hahahahaha. There’s a price to be paid for being a kept cat. Poor baby.

  2. The poor thing is in double trouble!

  3. This cat didn't take the discovery well.

    But Hollyweird has a solution, just ask Kim Kardashian! :-)

    It won't be long though: Frumpkin has obviously figured out mirrors, knows what he looks like with the Cone of Shame on him, and does not look like he's liking what he sees.

    I recommend high doses of cat mint for a while. :-)

  4. I can’t express enough how happy it makes me that Frumpkin is an official pet, with all the commiserate love, and not a concerning barn-cat-where-did-he-come-from-will-he-be-ok cat. I mean that with all due respect and the mother of teen age girls who would bring any “needy” animal inside. A true love story.

  5. Poor ole' Frumpkin! Love the picture. He sure doesn't look too happy for sure and I bet he can't wait to get that thing off! I found it interesting that he had a cone put on after surgery. I've had several indoor male cats through the years that I had neutered and never once ever had a cone put on them afterwards. I'm sure there was a reason they did that though. Anyway, it's good to see Frumpkin again and have an update. Keep us posted on how he's doing. He's got his own fan club now and is a feline celebrity!

    1. I agree - I'm a veterinarian and while we send cones (technically "Elizabethan collars") home with lots of surgeries, I can't recall in 20 years that I've sent one with a cat neuter. Alas, Frumpkin, this too shall pass. :)

    2. It seemed to me like the vet did it out of an abundance of caution-- they did tell me I could take it off while I was home with him and I ended up doing so. He's not been agitating the incision so I just left it off!

      - Older Daughter

  6. I saw someone selling a human Cone of Shame as an alternative to a mask recently. I'd link if I could remember where.

  7. We had to do this with our cat A when he was fixed as well. He was, not at all, happy.

    But it does make for some great pictures.

  8. Ohhh poor Frumpkin!!!!!!


    What a hard-pill-to-swallow, for a CAT!!!!!!!

    -more giggles-

  9. Ah Mom! I don't like it when you dress me funny.
    All my Kitties were fixed. Actually had one of my cats get out the night before she was going to be spayed. She came back in the morning with a "Don't ask" look. The Vet said she would have had at least 8 kittens. Frumpkin is a beautiful boy and give him a scritch from me. Red

  10. Big mistake, human. Big mistake. I shall vomit on everything you possess.