Thursday, February 18, 2021

Elk elk everywhere

When we first arrived here at our new house, I saw something unusual on a distant hillside. When I trained binoculars on the location, I was thrilled to see a herd of elk (too distant to photograph).

Later, we saw the herd in a pasture closer to us.

Later still, the herd moved very close by -- munching on a bale of hay in a neighbor's pasture. I can't say for certain the hay was put out there specifically to attract the elk, but I will say there was no other livestock (horses or cows) in that particular pasture.

It's amazing how such a large creature can leap fences with ease.

I stood out in the bitter cold photographing the animals for at least 20 minutes. It was hard to pull myself away.

Still later, we looked across yet another hillside and saw the herd bedded down in the snow. They spent hours up there, hardly moving.

Still later, I saw some animals crossing a snowy field.

I wonder if the day will ever come when I'll look out our window and yawn at the herd of elk in our pasture?

Probably not.


  1. We spent five and a half years in Alaska. I never got tired of photographing eagles and otters.

  2. Your latest post has made me ask what you do for an internet connection. A lot of your posts are picture heavy and I was just wondering?

  3. Lovde watching elk when we would drive from Cali on the 101 and then the 199 into Oregon and see the elk right by the side of the road...My hubby was from a county in PA that had hundreds of elk herds around his town and they were absolutely stunning when we would go back to PA to visit family....I'm from the UP of Michigan and lived my growing up years in Wisconsin and never once saw an elk...Hundreds of huge deer and bear, but no elk...Love them.
    Thanks for your beautiful pictures of God's creation...
    Love from NC,

  4. You will never get tired of looking at the elk. Everytime they make an appearance, you will rush to grab your camera and/or binoculars. I know these things.
    BTW: all bets are off when they start eating your hay stacks;)

  5. I wonder if a picture of you running to your garden yelling at Elk is in your future this coming summer ....that is how it is with our deer...LOL

  6. Nope! You will never ever get tired of seeing the awesome “Ghost of the Woods”. All of God’s wild creatures are simply fascinating! I’m so thrilled for you both, being able to experience these new sights... cold hands and !