Friday, August 7, 2020

More on becoming "anti-fragile"

Here's a piece I wrote for Daisy Luther (the Organic Prepper) called "How to Become Anti-Fragile." It's a follow-up to an earlier piece I wrote on the same subject.

I gotta hand it to Daisy. The very first comment posted on her site under the article was a snark, and Daisy put him in his place with firm professionalism. Woot!

Update: Squeee! This appeared on ZeroHedge!

Lots of comments!


  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved this article and was surprised by the reaction on Daisy's website. I have always thought you were tremendously brave for writing from an unapologetically conservative Christian viewpoint under your own name. I couldn't believe the commenter who was confused by your advice to avoid college indoctrination. Where have they been loving? Keep up the great work.
    -Grateful millennial reader