Monday, August 17, 2020

Leaving the city

I've been collecting links to articles about people leaving the cities. Here are a few:

 • Free to Work Remotely, Young Americans Are Covid Road Tripping

The Slow Suicide of New York City

Wealthy Britians flee cities, send rural real estate sales soaring

Report: More than 300,000 People Have Fled New York City Due to Coronavirus, Crime 

Apartment Prices Are Crashing In Major Cities Worldwide 

 • San Francisco Rents Crash Most On Record Amid Mass Exodus

The Urban Exodus and How Greatness Goes Bankrupt 

 • Suburban Rents Rise As Urbanization Trend Reverses

'The city will be on fire': New Yorkers prep to flee homes to avoid post-election rioting

Can you blame anyone for fleeing what cities have become? 

The Great Conservative Migration And What It Means For The Future 

Massive exodus from NYC leaves apartments empty

New York City Residents Flee In Mass Exodus – So De Blasio Doubles Down With Call For ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’

Why There’s an Exodus From California Cities

Escape From San Francisco: Sales Tax Revenue Plunge "Worst In The State" Amid COVID Exodus

America's Summer Exodus: Thousands Flee The Cities Every Day Because They Don't Feel Safe

Shaken by summer looting in affluent neighborhoods, some Chicagoans moving away

New Yorkers are leaving the city in droves. It will be decades before the city recovers(video)

"A Lot Of People Are Leaving": COVID Shutdowns Have Turned San Francisco Into A Ghost Town

Mass Exodus: People are Fleeing Democrat Cities

The Great California Exodus

Businesses LEAVE PORTLAND After DEMOCRATS FAIL To Secure The Streets For Months

"She Hasn't Done Her Job": Looting, Riots, & Mayoral Ineptitude Prompt Mass Exodus Of Chicago Residents

Residents fleeing North are voting against 'policies of blue state America,' economist says

New York exodus accelerates amid pandemic as some residents head south

Portland’s Endless Riots Are Destroying Lives and Businesses

New York City exodus and de Blasio’s response

California is a failed state. How do we know? They're moving to Arizona in droves.

Housing boom: Lumber Spikes To Unprecedented Level After Soaring 240% In 5 Months

"Pent-up Supply" in San Francisco Turns into Record Glut of Houses & Condos for Sale. Prices Weaken

From 'I love New York' to 'I leave New York'

Affluent Chicagoans Fleeing Due to Leadership Inability to Calm BLM Violence

Slammed NYC Movers Turning Away Business As Residents Flee City

People And Voters Leaving As Democrat-run San Francisco Crumbles

New Jersey Is Becoming The Most Hated State As Households Flee In Record Numbers

Bill De Blasio Says NYC Indoor Dining May Not Happen Until June 2021

Businesses leaving downtown Portland over 'lawlessness'

"Demand Is Insane": NYC Movers Turn People Away, Suburban & Rural Housing Snagged Up, As Big City COVID-Exodus Accelerates

Chicago Store Owner Spent $300,000 To Reopen Destroyed Business After Riots, Only For It To Be Struck Again By Vandals

NY Subway Windows Being Smashed At Such Rate The MTA Can't Get Glass Fast Enough To Replace Them

Haunting Photos Of San Francisco's Desolate Financial District During Morning "Rush Hour"

Americans are fleeing the nation's great cities in droves

San Francisco curbs virus but once-vibrant downtown is empty

The NYC exodus

Movers in N.Y.C. Are So Busy They’re Turning People Away

Urban Exiles Are Fueling a Suburban Housing Boom Across the U.S.

"White Flight Is Real" - Hollywood's Apocalypse Triggers Mass Exodus

A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts

Portland Companies Are Fleeing Downtown Area Because Of Black Lives Matter Riots

All Federal Buildings in Portland Evacuated Amid Car Bomb Threat

Zillow Exposes Dramatic Exodus Out Of San Francisco Real Estate

Americans say there’s not much appeal to big-city living. Why do so many of us live there?

Hollywood's Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals

When Authority Vanishes: Chicago’s leaders have surrendered to vandals

New York: Is a Great Exodus Imminent?

Chicago Shuts Down Its Business District Overnight This Weekend Due To Continued Riots And Looting

"Ghost Town": Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue

Illinois' Demographic Collapse: Get Out As Soon As You Can

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Booms 'Like Never Before'

49 People Shot In Last 72 Hours In New York As City Hits Its "Expiration Date"

Real Estate Expert Warns 'Exodus' From Cities Will Last Two Years

Murders Spike In NYC As Residents Flee For Suburbs

San Francisco Rent Drops Most On Record As People Flee For Suburbs

U.S. New Home Sales Plunge To 10 Year Low As Exodus From Cities Accelerates

Downtown business decides to shut down due to city council's decision to defund Seattle Police

NYC Has Lost All Population Gains for Last 70 Years – People Finally Waking Up

Police Warn 'Portland Is Lost' if 'Failing' Mayor and DA Don't Stop Riots

Chicago Store Owner Spent $300,000 To Reopen Destroyed Business After Riots, Only For It To Be Struck Again By Vandals

A mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes

NYC Is Dead Forever… Here’s Why

‘Straight out of a Movie’: Portland Cops CHARGE Antifa shield wall in FULL-ON STREET BATTLE

Macy’s Looking to Leave Chicago After SECOND ROUND of Mass Lootings – More ‘Protests’ This Weekend

Seattle BLM protesters demand white people 'give up' their homes

N.Y. businesswoman: New Yorkers are fleeing because of Bill de Blasio

BLM mob beats white man unconscious after making him crash truck

Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole

Lawless NYC: Shootings skyrocket by 140% compared with the same week last year as 76 people are injured in seven days - including a man who was killed lighting a candle for another shooting victim

Trash Piling Up Over NYC After Sanitation Department’s Budget Slashed By Over $100 Million

Chicago Alderman says businesses leaving Magnificent Mile

Oregon State Police Pull Out Of Protecting Portland Courthouse After City Refuses To ‘Prosecute This Criminal Behavior,’ Department Says

Upper West residents furious after homeless junkies and sex offenders are moved into luxury hotels

Black Lives Matter defended the Chicago looters, saying looting i their "right" as crime skyrockets across the U.S.

Maybe if we ignore the riots, they will just go away?

New York City Is 'Dead FOREVER' Says Proud New Yorker

Charles Payne on 'mass exodus' from NYC: The snowball is turning into a 'boulder'

Am I Being Too Upbeat If I Know American Cities Might Never Be the Same?

NYC Homeless Visibility and Violence Skyrockets Under Mayor de Blasio

Chicago looting videos spread on social media: See the footage

Widespread looting in Chicago caught on video after police-involved shooting

Chaos In Chicago: Bridges Raised To Prevent Gun-Toting Looters Getting Downtown

Black Lives Matter DEFENDS Chicago Looters, Say Looting Is Their RIGHT As Crime SKYROCKETS Across U.S.

Seattle Rioters Ransack Amazon Store, Whole Foods, Bank Ahead of Defund the Police Vote

New York City Rifle Permit Applications Surge by 340%

Chicago mayor considers property tax hikes as residents fear exodus from city

People are fleeing leftist run states: fleeing high crime, taxes and leftist policies

The Economy Is Struggling, but Gun Sales Are Soaring

Guess What Happened When New York Put Homeless People In Luxury Hotels

San Francisco – the Last Chapter

A Stay-at-Home Mom on Her Reasons for Leaving Portland

Shootings, Murders Spike By Record In Portland After Disbanding 'Gun Violence Reduction Team'

How America’s future is changing as a result of anarchy in Democrat cities

Survey: Two in Five New Yorkers Want to Leave the City 'Because it’s turning into a sh*thole'

Flight from Democratic stronghold cities accelerates; disease transmission, violence and hostile governments helps lead to exodus

More than 60 overnight calls to 911 couldn’t be responded to right away because of Portland rioters

The Death of New York City

Wrecking the American Dream. Yes, suburbanites, Democrats plan to destroy your community

Democrats Are Destroying Their Own Cities, and it all Makes Perfect sense

Seattle Defunded Police. Now Businesses Are Leaving, and Rioters Still Aim Explosives at Cops

I'm sensing a trend here. Aren't you?


  1. This is the beginning of the big fleecing of the tax payers. For example "defund the police" really means give politicians the funds to distribute as they wish.

  2. That's what happens when you have communist mayors and governors who won't let the police do their job.

  3. My husband retired from 35 years in law enforcement in California in March. Thank God is all I can say.

  4. I am interested in the fact that if this is truly a trend, the impacts of it cannot be concealed forever. What, I wonder, will they be able to say?

    Atlas is beginning to shrug.

  5. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

    by Irish poet W. B. Yeats in 1919,

  6. I'm afraid it is not the Democrats that are in power and haven't been for the last 3-plus years.

    We were promised infrastructure renewal and a health care plan. Trump was given the recipe to handle a pandemic that he never used (Obama's Ebola-2 dead....Trump 170 and counting dead), tax cuts for the average man and not trillions going to the top..etc..etc... Put the blame where blame is due.

    As long as we are under the influence of this president, the trend is to end up in the ditch. This whining and passing guilt gets tiresome. J.

    1. didn't realize that cuomo, whitmer, lightfoot, mayor of Portland, etc were republicans, oops, wrong they are democrats. The leaders of the areas having the most trouble are democrats that whine and refuse the President sending people that can actually fix their problems because they prefer the rioters. (They are only protestors if they protest, which does not include throwing bricks through windows, looting, setting fires and attacking anyone)

      Also, forgot about the Congress and intelligence committee so determined to impeach obama that they lied to a FISA court, lied to the American people while throwing their temper tantrum because their pick didn't win. Oops wrong again. That was democrats whining because they didn't get their way, the American people did.

    2. This is right out of the Hitler playbook that led to the holocaust. Unmarked vehicles with unmarked soldiers...not held to accountability....taking people to unknown places.

      This could backfire if we don't watch out. It's this kind of twisted power thinking that can get away from us. Even our own generals have said as much. Do you ever listen to actual world news??

      Peaceful demonstrators are being blamed for what white Supremacist, Q-anon and other right wing radicals are doing...the idea is to transfer blame and start trouble towards said demonstrators.

      Remember the guy with the hammer breaking windows?? he was a confirmed White Supremacist (on camera)and that is not up for debate.

      The rest is just more dribble from Fox so-called News. Not worth a response.

    3. J you are a troll spouting pure lies and propaganda.

    4. Is that all ya got?? pffft!

    5. Wow, ONE person broke some windows in ONE city and suddenly all the rioters are white supremacists.

    6. That's just the one they blatantly caught on tape and he's alone???

      So what do you think?....people showing up with pipe bombs, knives, hammers and assault contrast to protestors with signs and chanting...exercising their 2nd amendment right to demonstrate peacefully??

      Connect the dots. Our great leader has in the past generated and spured on hatred and praises conflict. Wouldn't be surprised if he pays these people to show up.

      He already said that he SUPPORTS the Q-anon crowd for crying-out-loud. Doesn't that tell you something?? Smell the coffee...J

    7. Don't feed the trolls.

  7. Unfortunately they will bring the same ideologies with them that caused what they are leaving.

    1. Exactly. And they will bring zero life-sustaining skills and production capability. Leftists' lives and life styles could not exist without conservatives.
      Montana Guy

  8. They should stay. They asked for it by voting them into office. Then the majority are going to want “compensation” in the form of currency and other goods when they find that they can’t grow so much as a bell pepper or tomato plants.

  9. Having moved to a small farm in rural Idaho almost ten years ago, I can't say that any of this destruction comes as a surprise. However, the disintegration of these cities will have a negative impact on our nation - no matter where we live. We would do well to pray for peace and healing.

  10. You know what comes next? The stores, small mom and pop stores and big grocery chains, will abandon these cities where the politicians not only did not protect them but instigated and approved of the riots. Then the left will declare that the food desert that will result from this is "racist" and the fault of whites and more proof of systemic racism.

    So do black lives matter to these activist/rioters/looters?

  11. Your only hope, at this point, is to vote TRUMP 2020. And vote directly at the polls. We can't trust mail-in voting.
    You my think you're safer in rural areas but "they" are coming after you, in rural areas. With no police to protect you.

  12. They are showing up by the carload in Rapid City, SD. NY license plates - want a house NOW. 3 Quarters, 480 acres were pulled off an auction, selling early for an obscene amount of money next to us. "A Land Investment Company" is all we know. Eastern SD is having a land rush from Minnesotans. Don't sell your place before you have the next one secured..Natokadn

  13. The most worrisome part of this will be these folks will bring their politics with them. As imported progressive policies have damaged Oregon and Washington, the same will happen to suburban areas that surround these deteriorating cities.

  14. Partice,

    Thanks for doing the work to put this list together. I will be linking them in my blog, and a link back to you.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks! I just keep adding to it as I find links.

      - Patrice