Saturday, August 29, 2020

A call for financial assistance

Dear readers, an excellent organization could use your assistance.

My friend Lisa Bedford (of Survival Mom fame) is putting out a call for financial assistance to an organization severely damaged by Hurricane Laura.

The organization is called FriendShips, a Christian international relief group. As Lisa wrote, “They have ministered to some of the most vulnerable people around the world, providing medical care and disaster relief for many years.”

Lisa’s son recently joined the group – literally days before Hurricane Laura aimed a direct hit on the organization’s fleet of ships (which are old World War II-era cargo ships).

The organization reported:
"After several hours of relentless winds and pounding rain, the wind uprooted several of our mooring bollards (these are large steel bits that secure ships to the land sunk eight feet in the ground and secured in cement). We tied our ships to these with several lines knowing the force they would be under, hoping the lines would not snap.

They did not snap but instead the wind drug these bollards up out of the earth and took off with them and their eight feet of cement, setting six of our seven ships adrift, several sustaining significant damage."

Every one of their smaller boats sank. Their storage containers, storage sheds, and their airplane hangar were either completely destroyed or severely damaged.

Power lines have snapped, and food supplies are on the verge of spoiling if generators are not quickly found and fueled.
Lisa added: “ is an all-volunteer organization. They operate on a slim, shoestring budget, and today, at this moment, they are in dire need of help. Their mission is to reach out to those in need, and, in fact, in the hours and days leading up to the hurricane's arrival, they were making excited plans for how they would help those in need around them. That's who they are and what they do.”

Helping FriendShips is not just helping the organization. It’s helping the organization help others, since that’s their whole mission. Lisa asked me to help put out the word for financial assistance.

Please join us in helping this fine organization during their time of need.

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  1. What a loss! Hope Friend Ships can recover, Appears to be a very good, much needed mission project.