Saturday, May 23, 2020

Trade school commencement speech

Well, here's something pretty cool.

Mike Rowe, the blue-collar advocate from the television shows "Dirty Jobs" and "Somebody's Gotta Do It" just posted his version of a commencement speech ... for trade school graduates.

He opens with the stellar words "Thanks for resisting the temptation to borrow vast sums of money" -- and it just gets better.

Well worth watching.


  1. Thanks to you all and well done...

  2. What a great inspiration for all of us. Love Mike Rowe and all his knowledge.

  3. Amen!

    I had seven children. The oldest was brilliant with mathematics and couldn't resist a university education in fluid dynamics physics. He understands, and can hold forth for hours on airplanes, rockets, submarines, battleships, cake batter and the little bubbles in soda, but he works for a large chain hardware store designing floor and shelf space plans for displaying merchandise. It pays well and he likes it but it's not the rocket science he'd hoped for.
    Among the other kids I have an electrician, an arborist, a registered nurse, a cardiac telemetry technician, a talented leather artist who makes custom leather goods for people with more money than sense, and a custom computer electronics designer.
    Six of them did not require a university or the cost of one. They are all still working and earning a good living in this collapsing economy. We make jokes that if I had just had one more baby I could have had a plumber in the mix making us never need to hire anybody outside the family.

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    1. Can I hear an 'Amen!'
      Montana Guy

  5. Great speech by Mr. Rowe. There was more common sense shared in that few minutes than I have ever heard from anyone in the education arena in a long time .That video should be shown to all high school age children.

  6. Yes! Amen....nice to hear some common sense.