Thursday, May 7, 2020

Happy birthday, Younger Daughter

Younger Daughter turns 22 years old today!

Sadly she's far, far away right now at her overseas Navy duty station, so we had to content ourselves with sending instant messages with birthday wishes. Such is life in the military, I guess.


  1. I hope that she has as good a day as possible under the circumstances.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Daughter with love and hugs from me. Thank her for her service for me please. is my little blog I just started up April 20th 2020.Follow if you wish I follow your awesome blog.I adore it.

  3. Happy birthday YD, hope you have a good celebration. Time is speeding up and you will be finished with your duty before you know it. Thank you so much for serving.
    Rita Miller

  4. Congratulations on another year navigated successfully!