Thursday, March 21, 2019

First day of spring

Well here it is, the first day of spring.

The fields are drying out, the trees are budding, and everywhere we go we see green, green, green.

Okay, sarcasm aside, I guess I can't complain. This little tree was literally buried a couple weeks ago, with only the very tip-top visible over the snow.

In some south-facing slopes, there's even bare ground, such as this swale holding a seasonal pond.

This is an ant mound. It's about two feet high.

I zoomed the camera in, wondering if any ants were moving about, but the answer seems to be no. It's not like they can range out looking for food yet anyway.

The low spot on the road to our place is flooded. A neighbor did his best to break the sides open and release the meltwater, but it's still too deep to walk through without boots. Better than it was, though -- yesterday this pond was twice as big.

So the season is unquestionably quickening. Temps are warm (mid-50s!) and sunny. Everyone is smiling. And water is flowing...

...even if most of the way it has to flow underneath the snow.

So while it may not look it, spring is definitely here.



  1. snow here tomorrow northeastern ohio

  2. We were near 50F today and snow is going. I am taking the long way to work as the road is firmer (don't need 4 wheel drive), but I already have mud chunks on my hood, roof and windshield. Unfortunately all that is leaving here will eventually get to Nebraska. Natokadn

  3. Yaaaaaa , spring is finally on it's way . Our snow is mostly gone . except for in the shady spots. It should be totally off our garden by Saturday. I have 7 gallons of frozen compost on my back porch to dump in the garden so I am anxious.
    We hit 73 degrees yesterday for about 3 minutes , it was great . This should be an interesting year for the garden, we'll see. Thanks for your pics.

  4. Great to see the melt! The west is so wonderful in the spring!

  5. Sorry, off topic. On eve of 3/23 those in northern Idaho may be able to see the aurora borealis due to NOAA watch for a geomagnetic storm. It happened 3/20. (headline from