Friday, November 16, 2018

Good news for Backwoods Home Magazine!

I don't know how many of you have heard the good news, but Backwoods Home Magazine is back in print!

Since its inception, the magazine has been run by the incomparable and indefatigable Dave Duffy (above, right). Last year, the magazine transitioned to a digital-only format. Many subscribers were desolate at this development.

Now some fresh young blood is stepping in: Sam Duffy. "Sam is 23, compared to my 74 years," writes Dave Duffy, "so is more in touch with the new technologies that have so dramatically altered the publishing landscape. He is also about to take a business degree from Oregon State University, and his primary project for the last year has been running his own print magazine, Self-Reliance, and restarting Backwoods Home Magazine as a print publication."

I for one gave a whoop of delight when I heard this. Backwoods Home Magazine holds a unique place in the publishing world as one of the few journals to stay true to its founding principles of providing solid, practical help for rural people.

"Three cheers for the rebirth of Backwoods Home Magazine as a print magazine! May it enjoy another 29 years. I hope you will subscribe. — Dave Duffy"

Welcome back, Backwoods Home!


  1. I was very glad to hear it. We just don't use newer technology like Kindles. Nothing beats holding an actual printed copy of a book or magazine in your hand and reading it in the light of your oil lamp.

  2. Woohoo! Just re-subscribed. This is great news! Thanks for the heads up Patrice!

  3. I was soooooo happy when I heard this news earlier. I have already resubscribed, too.
    Can't wait to start getting them in the mail.

  4. Saw this earlier, and so happy to resubscribe!

  5. I wonder what the young Duffy's point of view will be on the flu shot ? Dave's berating (on facebook ) of those who choose not to take the shot is what made me tell them to keep their magazine . I think alot of others did the same . Hopefully , the new kid on the block will be kinder to his paying subscribers .

    1. Getting a flu shot ranks up there in the top 10 things to do as a prepper. Fear the flu - do otherwise to your peril - and sadly, to the peril of the elderly and very young by not protecting them through herd immunity. Dave Duffy would be remiiss in his mission if he did not point this out.

  6. Awesome step in the right direction. Best of luck to Sam Duffy from an old Luddite.

    Montana Guy

  7. I remember subscribing to this magazine decades ago! Honestly forgot about it after all this time. Nice to hear its back again.

  8. What wonderful news!!!

  9. Love the idea. Wish they paid attention to their e-mails. As soon as I got an e-mail saying they are coming back in print, I sent an e-mail backing asking how much, etc. Now it is December and I am still waiting. Kathy in MS