Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring walks

One of the advantages of having an active dog is he's relentless when it comes to taking afternoon walks (meaning, he makes sure we get our exercise). In fact, we joke that we'd better take Mr. Darcy out before he explodes.

Our usual walk is a two-mile circuit (one mile there and back) along the dirt road leading to our house. At this time of year, early spring, the vista is constantly changing. Come along on one of our afternoon perambulations.

The meadowlarks are returning. For some reason I have a dickens of a time photographing these melodious birds. They're cagey and don't let you get too close, which is why I had to zoom in and then crop these photos ... but wow can they belt out music.

In March, large flocks of geese are not unusual. These guys are heading for the lake.

Here some fog is just burning off, showing a glimpse of the hillside across the canyon.

By contrast, here are some sheets of rain around the butte. Despite the ominous setting, we didn't get wet since the rain skirted around us.

More rain across the canyon.

Now here's an interesting thing. See this vista?

Or this one?

In both photos, note the glimpse of flat green field in the middle distance. Those fields are early growth of winter wheat, just emerging after the snow. What's not obvious is those fields are loaded with deer.

It wasn't always easy to focus on the deer through the tangle of tree branches.

Here's some ice overlaid by mud from an earlier water flow. The mud is insulating the ice against a fast melt-off.

Being a golden retriever, Mr. Darcy is forever toting sticks along the road.

Maybe it's a guy thing, but it seems the bigger the stick, the better. I can't tell you the number of times he's tried to drag small trees along for the ride.

A pair of mourning doves.

Five cows, five calves. I am forever taking a mental count to make sure no one's missing.

So that's a walk in early spring. Thanks for coming along!


  1. What kind and type of camera are you using? Those are , as always, outstanding. You also have what my father used to call "a good eye" as your first photos are always very very good.

    1. It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 pocket camera. It is, thankfully, one of those point-and-shoot cameras since I know less than nothing about photography. I just like taking pictures.

      - Patrice

    2. No wonder the photos are so good. The lens is by Leica! It just does not get any better than that. Well that and the photographer has a good eye.

  2. Thanks for the ride. Be thankful you are in an area where you can walk safely. Around here, you could be a victim of driveby shooting.
    Your pup seems to have you wrapped around his finger, oops doesn't have finger, anyway you know what I mean.
    Quite clear you are in Gods country.

  3. Beautiful photos, cool pooch. At those distances, I hope you're armed.

  4. Yesterday I went for a walk on my snowshoes across my pasture and into the woods for a ways. I sure wish spring would come to the U.P. like it has there. Very nice pictures. --ken

  5. Meadow Larks and Red Tailed Hawks just showed up here. You might want to get out your guide and check your morning doves. They look an awful lot like Eurasian Ring Necked Doves. They are an invasive species showing up in Florida in the 1970s and spreading north from the information I found. I noticed them for the first time around here two or three years ago. Now they are everywhere. You have rain, we still have snow. Enjoy spring!

  6. I love the scenery there, it is so beautiful looking at the sunsets and sunrises. Always wanted to move to Idaho.

  7. Isn't is amazing how dogs can tell time without a watch?

  8. Beautiful! I grew up in Craigmont, Idaho, and miss the gorgeous scenery. Thanks!! It was a treat going on the walk with you!

  9. Your pictures and narrrative are always enjoyable.
    Thank you

  10. As always, beautiful pictures, Patrice! And I think I have a new nickname for Mr. Darcy, MuddyButt! Our beagle has a similar habit, and yes, I do think it is a guy thing...it is quite amusing to see a smaller dog trying to drag the small trees too!