Thursday, March 1, 2018

A power failure can light up your life

I'm pleased to link to another Lehman's blog post entitled "A power failure can light up your life."

Go read it -- then be thankful you're a prepper!


  1. If Lehman's can plant a seed for a prepping mindset that is great. But after those first steps I’d be quick to suggest they read Patrice's 'Seven Core Areas of Preparedness'. It is an awesome thought-provoking outline for planning.

    Dock Guy

  2. Folks who know me at work know I prep. They think I'm prepping for some kind of "zombie apocalypse." Though my prepping goes farther than FIMA would recommend (months (and growing), versus days), my focus is on the day-to-day. A disaster can be anything from a two-hour power outage to a major earthquake. My approach to prepping; start from where the lights go out, and work outward...

  3. I rather enjoy power outages. After days it gets old, but short ones are fun and good practice for making long ones perfectly tolerable.

  4. When I went to the linked site I was immediately accosted by a grey screen pop-up. So I closed the site. I don't support others control of my computer. I'm very glad your site doesn't use them, or I would be deprived of your wisdom.