Sunday, March 11, 2018

Apologies for the silence

It's been one of those weeks where we were just very, very busy -- house guests, potluck, deadlines, taxes, interviews ... everything added up and the blog got neglected. Sorry!


  1. Totally understand - here too. Did catch your WND article. My husband and his brothers would all be ADHD along with every other farm kid in their one room school house in the 1960's had that been going on...

  2. Boys tend to mature slower than girls--usually 1-2 years slower. A silly, wiggly freshman boy will suddenly be a serious, quiet guy in his sophomore year. At a high school open house I explained this to the mother of one of the very immature boys who had not seen that behavior in her daughter at the same age but suspected that might be the problem. Another mother overheard us and came over and hugged me--she had a son who was an only child and was very concerned that he wasn't as mature as a female cousin. She felt less pressured and waited and found that indeed her son was a different person the next year. She had actually been thinking that the problem was ADHD and might have given in the "treatment".

  3. Your WND article just nailed it! I remember a call from our sons teacher where the teacher caught him reading a book during class. She called to complain, later she caught him again and asked him a question about what she was teaching. He gave her a full and complete answer that was correct. I have always wondered if he was multitasking or if he, through his voracious reading, already knew the answer. The teacher quit bothering him.

  4. Hey. You have a life to live and we understand that. No apologies needed. If you're not in when we visit we just go on with our own lives, even if it is surfing the net.

    Thank you for the time you do give us. We are blessed.

  5. No less work on the homestead and you're down two good hands. How are you and Don coping with the lonelier fire Pat?

    1. Fine, though we miss them. The lack of extra "hands" is most noticeable when trying to herd cows, of course, and when strawberry season hits we'll be overwhelmed without them. But such is the order of life. We're happy they're doing so well.

      - Patrice