Friday, September 29, 2017

Mr. Darcy visits the fair

The one last huzzah we did before Younger Daughter went off to boot camp was to take Mr. Darcy to the fair. A small town about a half-hour's drive from us hosts a little fair every September complete with modest parade, a dozen or so vendor booths (maybe two dozen), a small livestock exhibit, display halls for 4-H and art entries, and (our favorite part) a library book sale.

We all went and took the puppy, knowing full well we would not be able to take him into the exhibit buildings. It was more of an excuse to take an outing as a family, and to socialize the dog by exposing him to a wide variety of stimuli.

As you can imagine, it took no time at all for a wide variety of stimuli to descend on such an adorable animal, to coo and fuss over him. I don't think we got more than ten feet at a time before another stimulus materialized. You'll notice the vast majority of the stimuli, whatever the age, are of the female persuasion.

And that was pretty much all we did at the fair: walk around and let people pet Mr. Darcy.

By the end of it, he was pretty wiped...

...with predictable results when we got home.

There is sound logic behind Don's universal advice for young men who want to meet women: Get a puppy. Clearly it works.


  1. My gosh every time I see his earnest little face I crack a smile. I would have a hard time getting anything done. I am so glad you got him before Younger Daughter left.

  2. My family visited the beach this summer. We walked past 4 sunbathing beauties who jumped up and giggled and oohed and aahed over my not-quite two year old boy. Girls don't me attention to me since I became a married dad, but I can live vicariously through my son.

  3. How wonderful. I wouldn't have been able to resist stopping to pet him either!

  4. Our son gets the same response from drivers when he is near a road on his cow horse...women will roll down their windows and tell him he looks good in that saddle (never mind the old man with him)! Of course it was horses that got his folks together in the first place.....

  5. C'mon now...who can resist a puppy? I mean, really. ;-) Aren't puppies just the best? Enjoy that little fella! Melissa in da U.P.

  6. Yup, Don is right. A puppy is a "Chick Magnet".

    1. I've heard it claimed that a single guy who is looking should get a dog to draw women.

  7. Look at all the smiles Mr Darcy put on peoples faces ! Those paws of his aren't getting any smaller . When is Don getting his puppy ?
    Dee in the South West

  8. Love Mr. Darcy. So cute. Did you decide not to get the other puppy? I thought you picked Mr. Darcy and Don was getting a puppy, too.

  9. Mr. Darcy had a good time. I like that. He's so cute.