Monday, September 11, 2017

Lest we forget

Never forget.


  1. 9/11 was the biggest disaster/defeat in American history. More killed and more damage than Pearl Harbor.
    American came out of the war winners and richer and more powerful than the rest of the world combined. After 9/11 we got the Patriot Act and never ending wars of attrition that have drained our country dry.
    You're right though. We should never forget.

  2. Remember, remember eleven September.

  3. And never stop fighting for TRUTH and JUSTICE. The skyscrapers were taken down with explosives using high-tech controlled demolitions. The never-ending carnage of humanity continues today; all based on government lies.
    Montana Guy
    Engineer and signatory for

    1. Thank you for saying this and saving me from blasting it out as well. I can take most anything except being lied to by the Globalist War Mongers both in and outside our own Govt. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump seems to care more about being accepted by the Swamp creatures than us Deplorables.

  4. Thamk You for remembering this terrible day.So many have forgotten those who ran in and gave their lives in the hopes that others may live. Joe, FDNY retired.

  5. Who exactly were the Terrorists is the real question. Clearly, this video gives cause for rethinking.