Friday, March 17, 2017

A good day

Have you ever had one of those good days where you get lots done and nothing goes wrong? Yesterday was one such day.

We've had about a week of unrelenting rain, often for 36 hours at a stretch. Obviously this limited any outdoor work. So when yesterday turned out to be dry, Don and I exploded outside and got stuff done. (I'll have more on each task in future blog posts.)

Don cut a great number of firewood rounds.

Later in the afternoon, I split the wood into an enormous stack.

Don fired up the tractor and did something he'd wanted to do for several weeks: clean out the manure that had piled up under the barn awning. It was a task that we didn't get done before the snow got deep, and it had piled up even more through the winter, so it was long overdue. We shooed the livestock down into the pasture for the day and he spent many hours scooping poop.

This is primo material to enrich a lucky pasture or garden once it's composted.

I made two chicken pot pies for our neighborhood potluck (it's our turn to host).

Then I released Matilda and Sean into the driveway area to let them stretch their legs...

...while I planted two thin twigs which are actually bare-root sweet cherry bushes we got in from a nursery this week.

The day even ended on a pretty note: Deer against a setting sun...

...and swans flying overhead.

Perhaps our accomplishments yesterday seem modest, but in comparison to days and weeks of not being able to get anything done outdoors, we were left tired but smiling by evening. Yep, a good day.


  1. Have you posted your pot pie recipe? I usually make up my own depending on what I have around and how much time I have. Sometimes they turn out yummy, other times--well, not so much! Perhaps if I followed an honest to goodness recipe for a while I might increase the success rate around here.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I've hyperlinked to the recipe.

      - Patrice

    You made me tired just describing what you did!

  3. Oh, how I treasure such days. And how rare they seem.

  4. I agree - I FEEL so much better after a day of accomplishments as compared to a "not much done" day. Natokadn

  5. Must be something in the air. I was able to accomplish quite a bit on Thursday also. My lawn covers about an acre, managed to get it thatched and all the dead grass picked up. Several more spring chores were also cleared from the list.

    Yesterday I met with a realtor out at the farm, located down near the Oregon border. Finally have it listed for sale. When it is sold will be down to manageable work.

    Have a great weekend. The weather guy says windy today, maybe up to 40 MPH.

  6. Glad to see Matilda out and about and apparently healthy!

  7. Wow, you guys are putting me to shame. Maybe the westerly winds will bring some of your energy and motivation to me.
    Montana Guy

  8. Like my old friend and construction mentor RIP told me years when you can and rest when you die. Here on the micro farm I never lack for something to do, only how much energy I have to do it.

  9. Saturday Night Live absolutely skewers the Liberal Snowflakes
    ps. would you consider CC to your blogroll?

  10. Sunday was just such a day for me. I was able to put the first ride on a new horse, and get my garden about 90% planted, I'm only waiting on my asparagus roots and raspberries to arrive.