Friday, December 18, 2015

Living in a postcard

We had the most gorgeous snowfall this week. Without a breath of wind, the flakes settled six inches deep and positively decorated the landscape until it looked like we were living in a postcard.

The chickens, of course, wanted nothing to do with it. White stuff -- oooh, scary.

But finally some of the more venturesome clucks braved the cold. Here's my beloved Smoky, belly-deep.

Matilda didn't hesitate...

...but Amy and Hector held back. Too much white stuff, the wimps.

But the scenery was beautiful.

Every least little branch was laced with snow... well as rose bushes,




and bicycles.

The snow kept sliding off the roof with loud whooshing noises.

This would set Lydia barking and growing ferociously at that mean ol' snow. Then she would come into the house with jingleballs of snow between her toes...

...which she would then chew off.

The turkeys wandered by in stately grandeur, stepping through the deep soft snow like herons in water.

As I post this, the temperature is rising and the thermometer is supposed to hit 40F today. So much for a white Christmas, I fear. Still, it sure was pretty while it lasted.


  1. It's picture post card beautiful.

    My friend in the rural Spokane area had more than snow yesterday.

    She was about to step off the porch to go get the mail, when she found herself facing a big moose cow.

    She says the mail will have to wait.


    A. McSp

  2. The turkey populations have become a problem here in central Utah, where a white Christmas looks likely. The county newspaper reported one resident counted over 100 turkeys in his backyard.

  3. Very pretty! I love the silence that seems to follow the snow too (before the snow blowers are pulled out)

  4. We used to have a snow guard above our stove pipe on the roof to deflect sliding snow and ice from damaging the pipe.

  5. we used to have a snow deflector above the stove pipe on the roof to deflect the snow and ice from sliding down the roof and damaging the pipe.

  6. What a beautiful homepage! I liked the settin' hen, also

  7. Snow is lovely - as long as it's somewhere else.

  8. Beautiful!!! Wish it would happen here in Ohio.

  9. Very pretty pics. Although I love snow, I hope there is none here in North Mississippi this winter.

  10. Snow? Better in Idaho or on a postcard than my yard.


    1. You bet! :-) That's why I left the north and live in Florida now.

      Carrie Anne

  11. As former Floridians, my husband and I are staying optimistic that we will have a white Christmas--SuccotashRose

  12. Hi Patrice,

    Your header picture is first class. Great photo! Thank you.


  13. My wife and I were raised in the South, where, as you might imagine, snow is rare and somewhat magical to behold.

    Fast-forward a couple of decades until we adopt our daughter (now 14) from Kazakhstan.

    The morning after our first night as the world's newest family, I woke up, looked in on her in her crib, made a cup of coffee, and looked outside. The city of Almaty was dusted with about 1/2 inch of snow, and was absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea that it was supposed to snow that night, so I took this as a sign from God that He had intentionally placed one of his prized creations in our care, and all was as He planned.

    A snowy scene now reminds me of that morning.

  14. Just like your pictures of the recent blood moon eclipse, these pictures are beautiful. Thanks again for sharing.

  15. This was a sight for sore eyes! Growing up in the midwest and spending our first winter in the south, we are missing the sight, smell, and sound of snow. This was a good dose of the white stuff for my eyes. Just glad I'm not the one shoveling or driving in it. ;) Be safe and thanks for sharing!

  16. Regarding your dogs feet...Friend gave me Musher's Secret. Made of 100% natural wax. it almost acts as antifreeze for paws. No odor and non-staining. I think you can see it on amazon.

  17. Love the photos of your Lydia. She looks so sweet. We had to put Our Great Pyrenees to sleep last year due to spleen cancer. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love your postcard pictures. The snow is so delightful. At this point I will enjoy your snow shots since east central Indiana has seen only a dusting this fall/winter. Usually by now we have had at least some measurable snow. I am holding on to hopes of some this winter, but so far only rain. To your family from mine, have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Rebekah