Saturday, June 14, 2014

One last gasp

It seems that every June, just as we start anticipating endless stretches of dry warm weather, we get one last gasp of winter. Well, spring.

This is when windy, rainy, damp-chilly temperatures come sweeping over the Idaho panhandle, and we all wonder if our gardens will ever thrive, must less produce anything.

This morning it was barely ten degrees above freezing.

When I opened the door to the chicken coop, I noticed the older birds had booted the baby chicks away from the heat lamp while they luxuriated under its warmth, the greedy things. That changed once the coop door was opened and the adults could go outside. After that the chicks claimed the lamp once more.

I finally gave in and lit a fire in the woodstove because I was tired of being cold.

Lydia didn't mind the temps, and sacked out on the front porch.

In about a month, when we're all suffering through endless dry hot days, we'll look back at this and laugh. But meanwhile the fire feels good.


  1. Juneuary strikes again.
    I've stubbornly resisted building a fire, but have had to resort to wearing a long, heavy flannel shirt, a wool vest, handwarmers and a hat.
    It's all just so wrong.
    And you're right. Next month we'll be looking back on it fondly.

    A. McSp

  2. I didn't see an email or general comments place so leaving this here. I just read your "Reusables" article in BWH. Excellent suggestions. I have one to share .... The super cheap bed sheets at thrift stores (after a long soak and wash) make wonderful handkerchiefs, napkins and general "wipe ups".

  3. Y'all should visit Texas this time of year. We have your heat. The garden is actually starting to wind down for the season!

  4. We're supposed to drop into the 40's tonight, and since it never hit 70 today and is already dropped to barely 60 (not quite 8pm) I can believe it. I hope the garden survives it!

  5. Georgia has been remarkably cool, as well. It's mid-June and we're still having days in the 70's and low 80's. Downright pleasant!