Thursday, April 15, 2010

My office

Have you ever been curious about where I work?

Since my husband and I live and work together 24/7, we’ve found it’s essential to have private time. My husband is more of a night owl, so his private time is after everyone has gone to bed. I’m an early bird, so I get up before anyone else. Works beautifully.

I have to brag about the wonderful office nook that my husband built me. We have oversized ceilings in a portion of our house, and he made my office half-way up a flight of stairs. It’s tiny (six by eight feet), but it’s mine.


  1. Neat use of space. I like it.

  2. I love it! A space to call your own...creative husbands are wonderful, aren't they?

  3. What a lovely ...and ingenious ...use of space, Patrice! Yeoldfurt and I are the same. I am generally ready for lights out an hour or two before he is but that gives him down time all his own. I'm up at least an hour (sometimes more) before he is and that give ME down time to myself. Like you say, works beautifully.

    : )

  4. It's interesting to get a look at your work space. I wish I was handy at building stuff but that is not a strong point for me. That chair looks near identical to the one I use in front of my primitive machine.

  5. LOL, the chair is a Goodwill find for $5.


  6. Nothing like a cozy space!