Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ding dong, the taxes are done! Let's do UPDATES!

Sorry for the silence folks, but I've been buried in taxes. I had the appointment yesterday, so now all the magic number crunching is in the very capable hands of our tax preparer extraordinaire.

So, since I've been neglecting to post updates on a zillion things, let's get started.

Here's our neighbor's twin calves:

I went over last Sunday and helped dehorn them:

Samantha was not amused. "What have you done to my babies??"

Couple of cute shots of Lydia:

Including eating apple peels:

Here's our Easter calf, Nix:

And Nix's mama, Ebony:


  1. can you elaborate more how you do the dehorning? I know you make a ring of vaseline around the part you don't want to dehorn-put the dehorning paste on-but couldn't figure out the "protection" in the photo on the head. how long do you leave it on, what is it, etc. thanks and God bless, ann
    love the blog!! very practical!!

  2. Ann, rather than explain at length how to dehorn, I'll refer you to an earlier post where we dehorned one of our little heifers named Raven. Here's the link:

    In a nutshell, we cover the horn buds with duct tape for about twelve hours to keep the calf from rubbing the paste onto her mother's udder. You have to make sure the ears are free and the buds are covered, which can be tricky. After the tape has been on awhile, we snip it loose with embroidery scissors.

    After looking that over, let me know if you have any more questions!