Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, you have GOT to read this.

Country women love their men! Unquestionably, unceasingly! Here's an ode to a country man written by our neighbor. I lifted this straight off her blog without permission and without her knowledge (sorry, Tiffani!) because (sniff) it brought tears to my eyes. I know just how she feels because I feel the same way about my own Knight.

Here's my neighbor's posting:

I believe that my husband should be Knighted. He should be called Sir Chris in the city square. He is truly a modern day "Renaissance Man". This man can re-wire a forklift, fix an elevator, slaughter a cow, hunt to provide food, garden, fix anything with an engine, read to his kids, dance with his wife, sing praises of worship, make homemade root beer, drink tea (with china teacups), shoot a rifle with deadly accuracy, teach his sons about "all things men" and dress up to escort his daughters on "daddy dates". I stand in awe of him.

Now, for the slaying of dragons. Last night, after a full days work, my husband came home to a house that was only partially lit. One of our inverters quit working and no amount of banging the side could convince it to function. After a cup of tea (a man has to have his standards!) he went to work. He took the inverter apart, isolated the problem and attempted a repair - in the dark, with no light but a headlamp! Somehow, he knew what all the parts were, where they went, and what they did!?! He explained all of it to me while he was working. Of course, I just nodded my head in agreement, because it sounded like he was speaking Greek (which, of course, he was)! And then it hit me - he was doing battle with the dragon. We have so many situations in our lives that seem to come at us like fire-breathing behemoths of old. They circle us like beasts ready to devour our very lives. But then, my Knight in Shining Armour, my husband, stands between our family and certain destruction. He stands with his faith, his wrenches, his rifle, his resolve, his knowledge and his mercy. He slays the dragons. He does not always return from battle unscathed. There are times when he bears the scars of battles lost. He has moments of despair, moments of anger, moments of defeat - but always, he returns to the battle. He takes up his standard and rushes headlong into the fray. He is my Renaissance Man. He is my Hero. He is a Slayer of Dragons.


  1. Patrice, I haven't read the part you ...uh, 'borrowed' from your friend, but what YOU wrote is awesome! What a sweet tribute to your husband! If he appreciates you just half as much as you appreciate him, you guys must have an awesome marriage!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

  2. Ah, well ...I stand corrected. I did, in fact, read what your friend wrote and mistook it for yours. ANYWAY, it was great!

  3. I guess a suit of armor these days would be a bullet proof vest with SAPI plates. Instead of a sword a magazine fed semi automatic rifle is the likely choice, or a shotgun depending on the task.

    Having skills is pretty awesome. I have a few modest ones and am working on acquiring more. Heard shotgun slugs work well on dragons. Also they taste good crock potted.

  4. It's sad that I'm so surprised to see a woman regarding her husband with respect. I've encountered so many man-hating women in my life that I decided to never have a child when I was 24 years old. I'm 48 now.

  5. Well that's good to know. After reading all your bigoted comments on the internet, it's a welcome thought that you opted not to procreate. But it also brings laughable attention to your comments about marriage and the role of men and women according to God.