Thursday, February 11, 2010

Building an igloo is now a "radical right-wing" prank

So it seems someone decided to poke fun at all the "global warming" that's been hitting the Washington D.C. area lately.

In the wake of a second massive blizzard to hit the region, the family of Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) built an igloo near the U.S. Capital building, photos of which the Senator posted on his Facebook page along with signs saying “AL GORE’S NEW HOME!” and “HONK IF YOU (LOVE) GLOBAL WARMING.”

Naturally, the humorless Left couldn't stand to see anything radical as (gasp) building an igloo. Brad Johnson, who blogs for the liberal Center American Progress, criticized the prank and tagged it in the category of “Radical Right-Wing Agenda.”

Apparently Mr. Johnson considers it much more evil to build an (environmentally green) igloo and post a couple signs, than to build an enormous home in Tennessee that uses nearly twenty times as much energy as the average American household (Al Gore's home).

The Left had better be careful how much it criticizes igloos. If they have their way, snow structures will be the Homes of the Future for millions of impoverished citizens who live in the north.


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  2. Why - this is unheard of! Just like Obama's declaration that we must build new nuclear energy plants to safegaurd our future, nation, blah-blah-blah.... And not a peep out of the greenies!

    Also of note: The latest issue of Pop Sci describes how ocean going cargo ships leave strips of clouds, visible from space, that form when the sulfur particles from the exhaust of their diesel engines, act as 'seeds' in the atmosphere and form clouds that actually help cool/warm the earth. (Take your pick, I can't keep up with the politically correct trend now-a-days.)

    If that holds true for cargo ships, then I'd be more than happy to see the EPA switch back to the Low Sulfur (500ppm) diesel we used to put in our trucks prior to 2006. The Ultra-Low (70ppm) just isn't helping the environment! Hey - I wanna do my part!

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska