Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Nature's guy wires

I noticed a T-post the other day that, in the morning sun, looked like it had multiple guy wires holding it up.

The spiders around here seem unusually active right now. I'm sure it has something to do with the waning season and the subconscious realization that winter is on the way; but wow, I don't think I'd ever seen such firm strands of silk. It looked, literally, like guy wires.

I hope the architect catches lots of bugs.


  1. That seems an unusual place for a fall web. I've got spiders cocooned all over already.
    I hope that webbing isn't from a black widow. They are pretty dangerous. Very poisonous. Their webs are denser, not pretty like webs of garden spiders.

  2. The large black and yellow "Garden spiders" and the huge "Barn aka Wolf spiders" are in full web mode now. "Something" spins a heavy web on the ground with a nice black hole in the middle of it and awaits its prey. I haven't seen one out of the hole. Pretty cool looking web.

    For the past 2 years we have had a MASSIVE grass hopper infestation. They are like locusts. We have been very wet this year (a blessing) for us. Usually when we get large infestations of grasshoppers it is very dry and they are eating everything, competing with the livestock and wildlife. There is plenty for everyone this year, although the grasshoppers tend to prefer garden plants and crops. I know one farmer who sadly had to aerial spray his wheat TWICE to get most of it.

    As the genuinely mean old person I am, I have taken to catching the grasshoppers and throwing them into the garden spider webs. There are SO many grasshoppers, I am not making a dent in the population, but there is a sense of satisfaction for the garden plants I have that their kind have stripped clean.

    My plan for the coming year, is to move my garden, fence it (again), then put a chicken run around it, and fence it. I am hoping my poultry will provide a security team between my garden and the crawling and jumping insects on the hunt for my food!

    1. I hope your chicken run works. My chickens won't eat millipedes or those huge black grasshoppers even when they're babies. Also, chicken poop attracts more bugs.

  3. My henhouse and run is 100’ x 100’ and runs along side my garden. I rarely have bug problems but most of our best pollinators are stingers. Bumblebees mostly because I’ve worked hard to eradicate hornets and other pests