Wednesday, September 27, 2023


We have a small lamp on the kitchen counter.

The other day, a small movement caught my eye near the base of the lamp.

It seems a tiny spider, living in the crevices on the lamp, had caught a fruit fly almost bigger than itself. I grabbed the camera, turned on the macro lens, and tried to capture the battle.

I wanted to cheer the spider on. Eat all the fruit flies you can! Please!

It was quite an epic (if tiny) struggle, and sometimes the spider had to pause and retreat a bit.

But in the end he succeeded and hauled the fruit fly away.

Micro (macro?) drama in the kitchen.


  1. Good for the spider. I was going to clean a couple of newly built spider webs from behind the microwave when I saw a couple of fruit flies and a house fly. I decided the spider was being helpful, so I let him live and did not destroy him and his web.

  2. Well, I will have to "one-up" you. I have two tiny spiders that live under to ledge of my kitchen window. They reward my tolerance with a steady littter of fruit fly carcasses'. My cleaning lady has a vendetta with spider webs. In spite of what the crazy old woman says, she always cleans away the webs and litter. So far, they just repeat their success. Go Little Critters! Julia