Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Berry berry good

At last, all the blueberries have been harvested! What a contrast to last year's crop.

I can't complain about last year, though. Really, it was the bushes' first time putting out flowers and fruit, and it always takes blueberries a bit of time to rev up production.

But this year – wow. Just wow.

Now that the harvest is finished, I had a chance to weigh what we got (basically, four gallons).

On the left is the little quart bag with last year's harvest, dwarfed by this year's crop.

Last year: one pound.

After weighing and tallying each bag of this year's crop...

...the total came to sixteen pounds! Literally sixteen times what we got last year!

Of course, next I did what any passionate canner would do: I canned them up, combining both last year's and this year's berries.

I washed jars and made a thin syrup.


Final tally: Fifteen quarts.

I anticipate lots of blueberry pies this winter. Berry berry good.


  1. Mine did nothing! Maybe next year. Those will be good this winter.

    1. We both shoo in Tuscaloosa so I think we both experienced the fruit of that hard freeze. No blueberries here either.

  2. Might want to look up "Blueberry Pie Bars" recipe for fresh blueberries delicious and easy single serving hand pies!

  3. While they **can** be canned while frozen, it's better to let them sit and defrost first.

    - Patrice