Sunday, April 30, 2023

Newest book now available!

My latest inspirational romance, The Quilter's Scandalous Past, is now available, either on Harlequin or Amazon.

Here's the back-cover blurb:

With her uncle’s health declining, Esther Yoder wants nothing more than to sell his mercantile store. But what she doesn’t count on is Joseph Kemp being the prospective buyer. He’s the reason Esther fled her Amish community, and Esther fears her shameful past could threaten the sale. Can they learn to forgive each other…or will old guilt stand in the way of their future?

This is the first of a three-book series involving two brothers and a sister. I'm going to have to write more sibling series, because these were fun to write!

Meanwhile, I'm just now finishing up the manuscript for "The Amish Beekeeper's Dilemma" (which is due, like, tomorrow). It's been a push getting this one done in a timely fashion. I haven't missed a deadline yet and don't intend to start!

I hope you enjoy "The Quilter's Scandalous Past."


  1. It is a wonderful book. I highly recommend it. Patrice is a great writer. I was the only review up on Amazon a few days ago but it was at 5 stars!

  2. Pre-ordered it a while ago. Love your stories. Cheers, SJ now in California