Wednesday, April 5, 2023

More signs of spring

We're all getting antsy to get some outdoor spring work done, but have been hampered by inclement weather, including a couple of late snowstorms.

But Don's been working on building some garden beds. They're in pieces now, but they're starting to take shape.

And yesterday, I noticed something exciting – garlic poking up above the snow!

This is the garlic I planted in the strawberry beds last October (since I had nowhere else to plant it).

It made my little ol' gardening heart go pitter-pat when I saw all these brave plants poking above the snow.

Yep, spring is coming. Don is itching to rip up the ground where the garden will be (we've already staked it out), but things are still too soggy to do that. Patience patience.

Bonus pic: Mr. Darcy dozing in a shaft of sunlight.


  1. I was just thinking of your pets today, wondering how they're doing. So good to see Mr. Darcy is well! And also glad your garlic is up! It looks happy! Ya'll and others are frequently in my prayers.

  2. you'll love what the garlic does for your strawberries. they are considered companion plants...they will drive each other nutz and both will thrive.