Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Newest book now available

I have a bad habit of forgetting to announce whenever a new book is available. This morning a friend reminded me that my latest, "The Mysterious Amish Nanny," is now officially released.

I don't know what it is, but this cover art remains my favorite.

From the back-cover blurb:

When car failure stalls Englischer Ruth Wengerd’s impulsive cross-country trip, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a horse and buggy—or to suddenly become a nanny for widower Adam Chupp’s son. Helping the sweet family reminds Ruth of her Amish upbringing and the shameful secret she’s hiding. But when the temporary job begins to feel permanent, can she face up to her past…for a future she left once before?



Just for fun, I'll screenshot stats from Amazon throughout the day. Here's the first (6 a.m. Pacific):

2 pm:

7 pm:

Dec. 28, 6:45 am

9:30 am

Thank you all, dear readers, for your enthusiastic support in this new writing career!


  1. I've ordered my copy. Congrats! I love the cover image, too. 💗

  2. Those numbers look great. Congratulations on your writing success. That is a goal for me - to write and get published.

  3. It was a wonderful story. I very much enjoyed it. I liked the Bishops cat as it brought into this story a piece of your earlier one.

  4. I just downloaded it yesterday and started reading it last night. I love your writing style! Keep writing!